Grant Lowery (1937-1999)

Grant Lowery was a champion and strong advocate for children. He touched many lives, including the young people he helped, his colleagues and friends, judges, elected officials and his co-workers at Central Toronto Youth Services, the YMCA and Boundless Adventures. Grant was also a long-time member of the Board of Directors of DCI-Canada. Grant died in November, 1999.

Grant believed that every individual person has the ability to make a difference in the lives of children. He believed that we must never give up on a child. He constantly demonstrated that belief through programs such as OPTIONS, which supported kids who were regarded by many as “impossible to serve.” Through Grant’s efforts, many of these kids have survived brutal backgrounds and are now contributing members of our communities.

About the Lowery Lecture on Children's Rights

Every spring, DCI-Canada hosts a lecture in honour of Grant Lowery. The purpose of these lectures is to share Grant’s passion for young people through the experiences and insights of Canada’s most talented and accomplished advocates for children’s rights.

Since its inception, the evening has developed a two-pronged reputation.

First, it provides a gathering place for those interested in child rights. Each year’s audience represents a Who’s Who of the child rights community and provides this community with an opportunity to share ideas and stay connected.

Second, it provides a forum for new ideas in the field of child rights. Experts like Betty Makoni, founder of the Zimbabwe Girl Child Network, Hon. James Bartleman, former Lieutenant Governor of Ontario, and Senator Romeo Dallaire have provided a preview of issues and problems in the field of children’s rights that have yet to break into mainstream discussion.

A Roadmap To End Immigration Detention Of Children And Family Separation

UN Conventions – Real Promises or Just Words?

Past Lectures

2019 Dr. Hanna Gros and Andrew Brouwer – A Roadmap To End Immigration Detention Of Children And Family Separation
2018 Anna MacQuarrie, Director of Global Advocacy and Human Rights – UN Conventions – Real Promises or Just Words?
2017 Dr. Faisal Moola, Director General, Ontario and Northern Canada, David Suzuki Foundation “Environmental Justice for Children”
2016 Cindy Blackstock with Sarah Clarke
2010/2009/2008 Christopher Alexander  “The Children of Afghanistan: Protection, Education and the Challenge of Peace”Cindy Blackstock
“Is This Our Canada?”Betty Makoni
“Rights of the Girl Child in Armed Conflict Situations”
2007 The Honourable James Bartleman
2006 The Honourable Romeo Dallaire, Senator
“Children as Weapons of War”
2005 Michael Enright
“Distortions in a Mirror: Children and the Media”
2004 Jeffery Wilson
“The Language of Childhood, the Politics of Repression”
2003 Dr. Clive Chamberlain
“Between Demonizing and Sentimentality”
2002 George Thompson
“The Child’s Right to Good Decisions”
2001 The Honourable Landon Pearson, Senator
“A World Fit for Children: Children’s Rights in the Wider World”
2000 Gordon Cressy
“Back to the Future: The Convention We Almost Forgot”

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